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Feeling great --

Not a bad way to live

I never had even one hot flash or other symptom in menopause.  I jump into my day early in the morning, and keep going till late without health obstacles.  In fact, I feel so great, in late middle age – symptomless, pain-free and energetic – that I wonder how disappointing it is for the drug industry not to have people like me for customers.

In the current decade, organic and other healthy foods, as well as dietary supplements, have a stronger public demand and more robust supply than in the last several decades.  The public is accepting more and more, and even deliberately seeking out, healthier food options, more whole, natural foods, and dietary supplements.  This trend and these products remain the primary challenge to pharmaceutical market dominance and ownership of human health.


Equally important to wellbeing and ongoing good health is what you can keep out of your body.  Herbicides, phthalates, mold and dust are some of the worst environmental exposures of our time, and are somewhat easier to avoid than vehicular exhaust.  But most of these arrive at least in trace amounts to even the most diligent clean freaks.  Fortunately, most of the above toxins have no public advocates, and you offend nobody by ridding your home of dust and mold.  However, just about everything comes wrapped in plastic (phthalate exposure), and vehicular exhaust, described by naturopathic physician Walter Crinnion, ND as the single biggest cause of disease in our time, is almost everywhere.


My naturopathic physician is of course my primary care physician, although my insurance company doesn't get it.  The importance of my health so far outweighs insurance company dictates, that they have no influence on my primary care whatsoever.  And the money I have saved over the years by staying healthy has way more than paid for not getting insurance reimbursements for PCP visits.  Numerous times my naturopathic physician has helped the little problems that I have taken to him, with subtle tweaks, before they became big problems.  I have no end of gratitude to him for helping me to stay healthy.


A naturopathic physician in your area can help you make choices that turn out to be the better paths, better decisions, of the many forks in the road that lie ahead for your physical, emotional and mental life and wellbeing.  A directory of naturopathic physicians throughout the U.S. is here.


It may take the public a long time to figure out the best way forward, but that way generally stays true and on course, over the long-term.  Avoiding toxins and choosing healthy food has caught fire, and is now an increasingly widespread practice among the early adopters.  Such a choice does not have to be an obsession, just one aspect of an active and enjoyable lifestyle.

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